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A Daily Liturgy

One of the joys I have had recently is to be a small part of the new Liturgy, or Daily Prayers for the Dayspring Community. I have been enjoying using the old Daily Prayers for a couple of years – mostly in the morning – and admit that I was very reluctant to give it up and move to a new liturgy.

Why have a liturgy or Daily Prayers at all? After all many other churches have their own books of prayers people can use.  Dayspring is a very dispersed community and while many live in Perth others live further away, some as far as Darwin, and we are never physically all together in one place. Many attend when we have guest speakers or find peace at a retreat either at Nathanial’s Rest or New Norcia. Some are Spiritual Directors or training to become Spiritual Directors, or attend workshops and seminars. A very few meet at 7.30 am at the Dayspring Chapel to pray together. We believe that having a liturgy or set of Daily Prayers for the whole community allows us to be together in the Spirit of God even as we are physically scattered.

We wanted a book of Daily Prayers that reflected the Dayspring Community and also was free of copyright so that we could make it freely available. One of the editors of Dayspring’s recent publication, Epiphanies of Grace, Brian Holliday, has worked hard to put together a new set of Daily Prayers and I have been privileged to work in a group of people who have read aloud the prayers, refining the work to get it ready for publishing.

I am very excited to be able to give you a tiny taste of what is to come. While there needs to be some variety, we wanted a significant part of the readings to be repeated each day. Each morning opens with praise from Scripture, followed by this beautiful prayer:

As I rise this day in the Presence of the Three
I worship you Creator God;
Maker, Sustainer and Lover of all: who alone is uncreated.
As I rise this day in the Presence of the Three
I embrace you Christ Jesus;
Son of Mary, Son of God; my truest friend.
As I rise this day in the Presence of the Three
I inhale you gracious Spirit,
Breath of the Living God, who draws me into wholeness.

For the gift of this day, for the gifts of love and life,
for the gift of fellow pilgrims and companions on the way,
we give you thanks, O Lord.

Those of us who have already been using the draft Daily Prayers find this a beautiful way to start each day: encouraging, inspiring and comforting. We hope that many more will eventually join us in sharing the Daily Prayers, either in groups or individually; occasionally or as part of a regular rhythm of prayer.

May the God who dances in creation,
who embraces us with human love,
who shakes our lives like thunder,
bless us and drive us out with power to fill the world with justice
and with peace.
(Janet Morley, in Be our Freedom Lord  p 236)

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