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Being in the Womb of God

Recently my husband and I have been listening to Fathers Richard Rohr and Thomas Keating rich teachings about the Eternal Now and how to be there, by going to your room and praying in secret to God.  As I reflected on this one day, the image and experience of being enclosed in the Womb of God was given to me. I recall it something like this.

It is a cold winter’s morning as I sit in my chair becoming still.  A soft cosy blanket gives me the feeling of being held safely and snugly in a warm, dark place surrounded completely by God’s love. I feel as if I am in the sacred Womb of God!

All I am ‘doing’ is effortlessly soaking up and enjoying with gratitude the Divine Presence that supports, protects and nourishes me in my little life.

Countless miracles of Creation are taking place all around me and in me, while I simply stay connected to the Source of Life and grow and thrive.  As this grace unfolds I realise I don’t have to ‘do’ anything except allow myself to fully be right where I am in this moment of ‘naked being’ in the Divine Embrace.  God is doing all the work of creation, bringing good things to me and removing the waste.  My job is just to become the unique self that God is creating me to be, and to receive and co-operate with the awesome Mystery that I am a part of and being held in.

When my quiet time in the Womb of God is over, I sense my call is to return gracefully and humbly to the world, allowing God’s Love to continue to give birth through the precious life that’s been given to me.

-Pauline Carrier

Image: Bubble of a Womb by nwinn. Used under Creative Commons Licence

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