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A Spiritual Coffee Break

My second office is a coffee shop! I love to drink coffee and chat about the things which really matter in life. It is not the coffee which really matters, but the talk about the soul and the sharing of the passion to live life truly and fully for God in this complex and often topsy-turvy world.

Now, imagine if you could make an appointment to have a coffee with Jesus this week! Well, thinking about that, in a way you can, because Jesus is our constant companion, and we can make appointments to give him our full attention.

Spiritual Direction is about taking a break with a spiritual companion, spending time to focus on your own relationship with Christ. It is taking a coffee break from the stress and routine of everyday life and reflecting, with a trusted confidant, on what God is saying to you. It is listening for the gentle drawing of the Holy Spirit, alongside someone who is also committed to their own journey of honest, open and vulnerable relationship with the Triune God.

Spiritual coffee breaks with a spiritual companion can be monthly, or they might be more spasmodic. You may find the need is greater at one time than at others, and you may find different companions helpful at different times. There are no set rules, and what is important is the attention given to your spiritual journey.

Dayspring seeks to provide Spiritual Directors or companions who are trained in the wisdom of the different traditions of Christian spiritual direction, who are given instruction and structures to be wise confidants, and who are themselves deeply engaged on their own spiritual journey and reflective listening to God. Dayspring is also seeking to provide a supportive community and environment in which Spiritual Directors can continue to grow and be nurtured.

If you would like to pursue your own spiritual journey with the companionship of a trained Spiritual Director, why not contact Dayspring and set up a time to have coffee with a spiritual companion?

– Brian Holliday

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