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Comments on Journaling

Having only started journaling as a result of this course I have been absolutely thrilled with the new way of seeing my day, my life, my encounters with God.

In writing and reviewing so many of what I have felt have been major issues, there has been the discovery of peace, of letting go. Mostly this has been immediate. By the time I have finished writing I look at whatever it was quite differently. It has certainly enabled me to see a broader and deeper picture rather than just what is presenting.

This has also moved into how I am responding to day to day issues. I believe I am not quite so quick to move into the negative response and if I have then I am quicker at moving out of it. Previously I operate from knee jerk response and then stay in it for some time.

Journaling has also helped me to see the rhythms of my life. What impacts positively or negatively and how I respond – this has been most useful with my family as I begin to recognise my own fears and responses and gradually am able to hand them over a bit quicker to God.

On the problem side – I cockily thought after 10 months of journaling that there weren’t any problems for me with journaling and so of course I quickly hit a period of time when I felt that there was absolutely nothing to journal about. Life was ho hum. God was whispering too quietly for me to hear and too invisible for me to see him. It became a chore, this thing I loved no longer held me.

I really didn’t feel like having to sit with pen and book and look back over the day/s and discover where God was or wasn’t.

It became a bit boring.

Everything was the same day after day after day.

I have also struggled with it becoming a psychological discovery of me where I become the major issue and the thrill is in discovering more of what makes me tick. It grabs my ego and strokes it very nicely.

As an addition to both the benefits and problems, I have found myself encouraging all my friends to start journaling. Either to attend the workshops or enrol or just start with some of my books but to start examining their lives with God rather than letting the days blend into a mishmash without any references to look back on.

– Debbie, Workshop Participant

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