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Lady Labyrinth

Recently I was on a workshop weekend at Nathanael’s Rest, as part of my training in Spiritual Direction, and had the blessing of walking the garden labyrinth, which I have named Lady Labyrinth. It was a treat to wander among the colours and fragrances of God’s creation. Every now and then a scent would waft by my nose, and I would search for the plant that gave off such a beautiful perfume.

Often unable to find the source of the fragrance, it was as though an invisible creature was hiding in the flora and teasing me with sensuous smells. There were bushes with delicate white blossoms; a bridal gown for Lady Labyrinth. Tender shoots peeped out gingerly. Lavender and rosemary bushes were there to touch and enjoy the scented oil that was left to linger a while on curious hands. There was promise all around me: elegance and beauty, gentleness and gracefulness.

And there were weeds. I stopped to pluck some up, and reflected on how we need to remove the weeds of life that choke us, in order to reach the beauty of life. As I pulled, I smelt the earth, and gave thanks for Lady Labyrinth who had given me so much. Now I could give back to her in this simple act. As I left the labyrinth I looked up above me; a canopy of gum trees reached high into the sky forming a glorious garment that seemed to pour down from heaven. I had only touched the hem of the garment, and I had been healed – yet again.

Thank you Creator God.

– Judy Clay, Labyrinth Walker

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