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Lenten Twilight Retreat

I was able to attend the Lenten Twilight Retreat on Saturday in the cloister at All Saints Church in Henley Brook – the oldest continuing place of worship in WA.  The Twilight Retreat is part of the Dayspring ‘rhythm’.  It is one of several annual retreats that form part of the ongoing program offered by Dayspring and has been running at the same historic and beautiful venue for many years.

This time of reflection to prepare spiritually for Easter uses the Stations of the Cross as a means of reflecting on the Easter story – using visual banners and scripture.  In the peaceful, secluded setting of the church yard and cloister, complete with several large wooden crosses it is easy to connect with the Easter events in a fresh and deeply meaningful way.  For me this year I was struck by the sleeping disciples – unable to stay awake and support Jesus in his hour of need.  Helplessly falling asleep over and over despite their strong commitment to stay awake.  How often am I asleep, skimming over the surface of my life and not deeply connecting with what is going on around me in my family, my work, my community?  I was struck by the darkness of the struggle of Jesus – how alone he was, how much he suffered.

Jesus Light of the WorldThen on going into the tiny church I saw the beautiful stained glass window of Jesus with the lantern (the light of the world) knocking at the door, waiting to be let in.  The juxtaposition of darkness with light, suffering followed by triumph, the struggle followed by victory was a helpful metaphor for the issues I struggle with in my life – Easter Sunday is coming!

– Abigail Lewis

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