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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cultivating Compassion for Men

In September 2012 Noel Giblett led a Workshop entitled The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cultivating Compassion for Men. Using poetry, songs and reflective questions Noel led us on a journey of understanding with wisdom and gentle facilitation. Noel introduced us to his framework for working with men (understanding the unique story and features of the person, the social and interpersonal context, and the insights of evolutionary biology and psychology) and his six principles for working with men.

During the Workshop we were invited to share our stories of a difficult man in our lives with each other in small groups, and use the framework and principles to help us develop compassion and a new way forward in the relationship. People shared stories of fathers, sons, brothers, partners, friends, colleagues and bosses.

I personally found the Workshop very helpful. There were more men than women participating and this gave a wonderful opportunity to hear the male perspective on the stories and issues that were raised. The reflective questions given at the beginning of the workshop helped the small groups to share deeply and honestly. I came away feeling I have a better understanding of the men (and boys) in my life and with some concrete strategies to ensure my relationships with men are more positive and that I have more compassion for the male journey.

Thank you, Noel.

– Abigail Lewis

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