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Two Labyrinths

I walked along a labyrinth. Slowly, mindfully. I walked on grass. The grass was dry under my feet, browning a little. I remembered the irrigation was broken, and noted the surrounding garden was sparse. I reflected on the dry patches of my life when inner growth was slow, and the yearning for cool springs of water immense. I noticed that the yearning drew me into the open arms of God, “I will give you Living water”.

I walked mindfully. The turn of the labyrinth path had given me this living perspective for new greening within me.

The path mirrored the ‘ordinary time’ of my life with God’s call to me to be faithful in the ‘little way’ and embrace with stability the ground root of my life in God. Standing at the centre I had a sense of Oneness, a view of the Other that held wholeness and Peace.

I walked along a labyrinth … wide paths – some stones and grass, slightly sloping. I felt this was an adventure for me in some way. I marvelled at the plant growth around me – lush and beautiful. I reflected, ah … this place is well watered, well nourished. I bent to pull the bursting grassy clumps. It was energetic work. Then I was reminded of the way the distractions of plenty may tempt me from the main path and from the rhythms of my prayer.

I sat a while and gazed at beauty and sensed the Other in this beauty, the blessing in this moment of His Grace. I walked along holding the beauty, yet listening alertly within the fullness of my days, aware of the voice within, “be present in this moment”.

In dry and bounty I am grateful for the lessons of the labyrinths and the parallels to my inner life. Graced opportunities to linger, look, listen and know the inner call of Love in the daily realities of my life.

For reflection: Matt. 11:25-30 [The Message]

– Patricia Stitt, Labyrinth Walker

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