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InterPlay – 16 May 2014

A unique opportunity is being offered to anyone interested in grounding their spirituality in a real ‘whole body’ experience.  The Interplay movement was initiated to bridge the gap between how we think about our spirituality and how we experience it.

Jane Vennard notes:

“Praying with body and soul leads us away from a ‘stripped-down’ spirituality in which we relate to God with pious words, soft voices, and polite responses and into a large, expansive, embodied, grounded, imaginative spirituality in which we are free to shout and rage at God, question God, laugh with God, dance with God, push God away, chase after God, and ultimately fall in love with God.” – Jane Vennard, Praying with Body and Soul.

Jane was with us in 2011, speaking about the Hospitality of the Heart.

If you are feeling disconnected to your own grounded experience, come and enjoy a day of freedom to run, dance and play.

The InterPlay Way for Helping Professionals provides transformational tools, ideas and practices for therapists, social workers, spiritual directors, hospice workers, spiritual leaders and others. It draws on the deep body wisdom of the InterPlay philosophy and applies it specifically to the challenges, stresses and needs of those who are helping others.

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  • This event has passed.

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