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Spiritual Direction: A Graced Invitation -17 Oct 2014

We are delighted to invite you to join a SD Professional Development opportunity to share a day with John Stuart.

Beth Roberton had a conversation with John at the recent Australian Network of Spiritual Directors Conference in Sydney and he graciously agreed to share some of his expertise with Perth colleagues.

John was National President of ANSD for 6 years and is part of the Living Well Centre for Christian Spirituality SD training program in Melbourne.  A snapshot of John’s ministry experience is outlined below.

The day’s work will focus on Spiritual Direction: a graced invitation to respond to God gratefully.


John StuartJohn Stuart

John was born in Melbourne, Australia. He has spent his adult life engaged in the exploration of our journey into God. This exploration has led him along various paths; initially, as a priest in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. Ordained in 1969 he served in parishes for eight years .One of the most important paths has been his work in the alcohol and other drug field. He realised here that the search for meaning had a deeper spiritual richness than he had previously realised.

As a result of discovering a lack of a spiritual dimension in so much of rehab he was drawn to The Institute for Spiritual Leadership, in Chicago, in 1988. It was here that he found a safe place to explore what it meant to be human, and that this discovery was at the heart of our journey into God.

His path since 1990 has mainly been in the area of Spiritual Direction. He is currently a team member of The Living Well Centre for Christian Spirituality in Melbourne.  He has served as President of The Australian Network for Spiritual Direction and is currently a council member of the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction. In conjunction with his work as a spiritual director he has continued his work in the alcohol and other drug field as well as work in hospital pastoral care. Another continuing path has been retreat work and spiritual and personal development with school and welfare agency staff.

A path that has given much joy is music. It keeps offering a graced invitation to further discoveries of the richness of our exploration into the mystery of ourselves and therefore of God. The writings of Tielhard de Chardin and Thomas Merton have informed many of the paths he has journeyed along during the last 50 years. They have given him a framework to discover what it means to be truly human and that this is essential in our discovery of the Divine deep within each one of us. For John, Tielhard’s insight “We are spiritual beings on a human journey” sums the excitement of what we learn on the journey that takes us along so many paths.

John has recently returned from Jerusalem after a year as chaplain at St George’s Anglican College.

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