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Reflection on Advent 2017

I love Advent, and the Advent Retreat at Dayspring is always a blessing. But this year it was really remarkable. Clare Menck brought us the story using Godly play, and while children of all ages love Godly play, those of us who joined Clare at Nathanael’s Rest discovered that it is just as powerful for grownups.

The pace of the day was gentle, and we had plenty of time to enjoy reflecting on the story using fantastic materials Clare provided.

But how can I describe to you the experience of listening to the story, watching it acted out with simple wooden figures so you will understand the profound impact it had on me? I can’t. So if you are interested in finding out, you might like to join us at Pentecost when Clare will bring that story to life for us. Bring your children or grandchildren or nephews and nieces along and share in the delight with them.

~ Sandy Clifton


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