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Update – Dayspring Daily Prayer & Pilgrims Eucharist Book thumbnail

The Kindle form of the Dayspring Prayer Book is currently unavailable via the Amazon store. We are in the process of negotiating with another publisher to have the Kindle edition up and running again quickly. In the meantime we still have plenty of the paperback editions available for sale at $25 each ($20 for members).  [...]

Book Launch – Dayspring Daily Prayer and Pilgrims’ Eucharist thumbnail

We were delighted that Margaret Silf graciously agreed to officially launch the Dayspring Daily Prayer book which has been written and edited mostly by Brian Holliday.  The book launch took place after Margaret's Sacred in the City day retreat in September 2015 . We invited friends to come to the launch, share the celebration with us and enjoy refreshments.  [...]

The Oblate Life

The Oblate Life thumbnail

“What’s dad reading?  It looks weird – something to do with oblates. Is he is reading about the occult?” No, but I am reading something from the Dayspring library again, and I’d better start by telling you what an oblate is, or you might be like my children and think it is something weird too! [...]

Jill Geoffrion

This is a gentle book full of helpful suggestions for those unsure how to use the labyrinth as a tool for spiritual growth. The author, Jill Geoffrion, has written a number of books on the labyrinth and acknowledges a long list of friends who have helped her shape the questions for the book. The reader [...]

Embattled Witness: Memories of a Time of War thumbnail

Embattled Witness by Bernard Häring is a truly remarkable book; small in size but big in impact. It is the story of a medic in the German Wehrmacht who served throughout the duration of World War Two. The medic, Bernard Häring was also a Catholic priest. In spite of the severe censorship on the practice [...]

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