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Voices from the Cloister

Voices from the Cloister thumbnail

Strange as it may sound, we all came to this busy place seeking silence. We had come from the ends of the known world, hungry for the “great silence’ that we had heard about. We had fled the jarring voices and materialism of our own societies. The silence we sought was not the absence of [...]

Being in the Womb of God

Being in the Womb of God thumbnail

Recently my husband and I have been listening to Fathers Richard Rohr and Thomas Keating rich teachings about the Eternal Now and how to be there, by going to your room and praying in secret to God.  As I reflected on this one day, the image and experience of being enclosed in the Womb of [...]

What’s So Important About Meditation?

What’s So Important About Meditation? thumbnail

From ancient to contemporary times meditation has held its place for stilling and cultivating the mind by tuning our capacity to think and ‘ponder in our heart’. And through our minds we create our lives and fashion our world. In the sixth century BC Buddha taught: “All that we are is the result of what [...]

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