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A Daily Liturgy

A Daily Liturgy thumbnail

One of the joys I have had recently is to be a small part of the new Liturgy, or Daily Prayers for the Dayspring Community. I have been enjoying using the old Daily Prayers for a couple of years – mostly in the morning – and admit that I was very reluctant to give it [...]

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat thumbnail

I’m sure we are all such composed people. We are never too busy, harried and hurried. We enjoy waiting in queues and in traffic jams. We are just so free, that we can take it all in our stride. We are never like the cat in Dr. Seuss’s book “The Cat in the Hat”. One [...]

Who should govern?

Who should govern? thumbnail

Our country faces the next challenge of the decade - how to judge who is more able to lead and govern our community? “Dorothee Soelle was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1929. As a child she played no personal role in the rise and fall of the Third Reich; she was fifteen when the war [...]

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