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Welcome to 2018

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The Dayspring Community program for 2018 has been finalised, providing an overview of activities scheduled for the coming year.  Dayspring Community offers a range of ways to support people’s personal journey with God: a place to belong a place to listen to God a place to reflect a place to challenge a place to explore [...]

Reflection on Advent 2017

Reflection on Advent 2017 thumbnail

I love Advent, and the Advent Retreat at Dayspring is always a blessing. But this year it was really remarkable. Clare Menck brought us the story using Godly play, and while children of all ages love Godly play, those of us who joined Clare at Nathanael’s Rest discovered that it is just as powerful for [...]

Contemplative Islamic Spirituality

Contemplative Islamic Spirituality thumbnail

The “On the Edge” series at Dayspring affords interesting opportunities for dialogue for which there are few forums. Last Sunday night about 25 of us (including 7 from Wembley Downs) met with Imam Muhammad Agherdien to discuss contemplative Islamic spirituality. The timing of the event uncannily coincided with Eid (the celebratory feast climaxing the fasting month of Ramadan) and [...]

Quiet Day Reflections

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Reflecting on the day’s lectionary readings Today’s readings are about living for God in the ordinariness of life. Living right for God is what we do, and is nothing to crow about! Psalm 37 is about trusting God and holding to the right way in the ordinariness of life. Those who bend the rules, getting [...]

Spiritual Direction Training

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Dayspring spiritual direction training – “kindly led, gently challenged, firmly supported and encouraged” Bede Griffiths spoke of contemplation as: “Awakening to the presence of God in the human heart and in the universe which is around us… knowledge by love.” It is often difficult to define what is being done during training as a spiritual [...]

Living Mindfully, Living Sustainably

Living Mindfully, Living Sustainably thumbnail

A contemplative approach to life teaches us to be aware of the present moment. Mindful attentiveness to the layers behind the present moment soon reveals that our present moments impact far beyond what we see: to the people whose work has brought us the “stuff” of our moment, to the resources used in producing things [...]

Welcome to 2016

Dear Members and Friends, We have been updating our website with the events that are planned for 2016 – check out the events page. Thank you for your past support of Dayspring. We appreciate having you as part of our community and as we have started into a new year would like to give you the opportunity [...]

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