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Quadratos thumbnail

For thirty years, I had puzzled a deeper truth in Early Christianity’s choice of precisely four gospel texts and their sequencing into a Three-Year Sunday Reading Cycle: What lay behind those choices? Were they the result of a believed oral tradition? Winners in a protracted theological tussle? Or were the four clearly inspired? On a [...]

Spiritual Enquiry Workshop – Reflection

Spiritual Enquiry Workshop – Reflection thumbnail

Dr. Ann Zubrick’s discernment approach through willingness, attentiveness, responsiveness. I was fortunate to attend this workshop run by Ann Zubrick on a long-established Quaker tradition – Spiritual Enquiry. Spiritual Enquiry is a contemplative approach to finding God’s path for our lives. We began with a quiet centering to bring us to a deeper awareness of [...]

Willy Wagtail

Willy Wagtail thumbnail

The soft sound of your feathers fluttering As you fly to and fro, to and fro. The doors stand wide open The windows blinded But yet you remain trapped. You fly too high You just need to drop down. Drop down. Then you will see your way out You’ll feel the breeze You’ll see the [...]

Iona Blessing

Iona Blessing thumbnail

God bless this food, Locally grown, produced in season. God bless this food, Fairly traded, Giving new chances. Bringing new life. Forgive our demands For cheap food that costs the earth, for cash crops from subsistence land, For strawberries in December (July for Oz) Forgive our ignorance Leading to hidden slaves, Dangerous conditions, child labour. [...]

A Retreat in San Francisco

A Retreat in San Francisco thumbnail

July this year was very special for my family and me; my son, daughter, their partners and children all travelled from Australia to San Francisco to share with our son and brother and his new bride in their wedding. Some of us arrived in time for my grandson to enjoy his birthday with the rest [...]

Iona – A Journey Into Acceptance

Iona – A Journey Into Acceptance thumbnail

I'm three days into my journey on Iona, and yes, it is a very special place. Not so much going back in time, as away from time. You can Google it to see its spectacular beauty, but you have to be here to experience the special peace and solace which it exudes. But Iona is [...]

Voices from the Cloister

Voices from the Cloister thumbnail

Strange as it may sound, we all came to this busy place seeking silence. We had come from the ends of the known world, hungry for the "great silence’ that we had heard about. We had fled the jarring voices and materialism of our own societies. The silence we sought was not the absence of [...]

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