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The Use of Icons

Archbishop Rowan Williams is well known for his interest in and passion for icons, and a decade ago he published a booklet entitled ‘Ponder these things: Praying with icons of the Virgin’.  In it he reminds his readers that prayer is at the heart of the creation or ‘writing’ of every icon and that in truth their sole purpose is to focus our prayer.  He points us to the various ways in which our understanding of the symbolism and traditions associated with particular images of the Virgin Mary can make her a helpful companion for us in our spiritual journey.

Icon Given to Thomas MertonSimilarly, Linette Martin published a small book in 2011 called ‘Praying with Icons’ in which she goes much further in exploring the ways in which Icons can be companions for us in our prayer life, helping us to listen for the voice of God.

– John Clapton, Facilitator of Icon Workshop

Image: First Icon Given to Thomas Merton

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