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Dayspring Companions

Dayspring is excited to launch a new community membership model for the 2017 year. It is a model that seeks to be more inclusive of those who physically live at a distance from the Dayspring Centre in Dianella. It is also a model that requires, in return, for members to be supportive of Dayspring, in its ethos and its work. We hope it will capture your interest, especially if you are looking to belong to a supportive, contemplative community, regardless of where you live.

As a community member (known as “Dayspring Companion”) you will be encouraged to find your own individual rhythm of prayer and contemplative living, which will vary according to the place you live and your particular circumstances. To support you we are looking at the possibility of revamping the website to offer a separate area for “Dayspring Companions” where members can blog, read articles, and find notes of various Workshops and Retreats (and hopefully Podcasts as well).

We will also have paper-copy Newsletter just for “out of towners.” It will be sent by “snail mail” to give a more tangible connection with the Dayspring Centre at Dianella.

We are currently trialing virtual prayers and meditation by sending out a message on “WhatsApp” telling people when Dayspring’s prayers and meditation are about to begin or end. While people may not be present, they can join Dayspring’s rhythm in spirit.

In return, “Dayspring Companions” will support Dayspring through both regular prayer and giving. To be inclusive the regular support is, to use a phrase of Abbott Chapman, “what you can, and not what you can’t.”

Dayspring Companions Membership

Be part of a community of people not bound by geography but by a commitment to develop a personal contemplative practice in everyday life, supportive of the ethos and work of Dayspring.

Dayspring Companions commit to:

  • Developing a personal contemplative practice in everyday life
  • Supporting the ethos and work of Dayspring
  • Praying regularly for Dayspring
  • Contributing a nominated amount each month to Dayspring*

Dayspring commits to providing:

  • A Dayspring Daily Prayer book*
  • A quarterly online newsletter
  • Significant discounts for most events*
  • Many events free of charge*
  • Free use of Dayspring retreat rooms
  • Free use of the Dayspring library
  • Mail-outs for Out-of-Metro members
  • Website page for Dayspring Companions to access

* the nominated amount is what you can afford. A suggested minimum is $10 each month which will give you the same benefits as Dayspring Members. Dayspring Companions who contribute $40 each month will pay no fee for attending Quiet Days, On the Edge presentations, the Lent and Advent Retreats and the first Enneagram workshop scheduled for 19 August 2017.

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