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Coming Events

Coming Events for 2019

Care of the Soul 101  – Lectio Divina and Journaling

This Saturday 25 May 9.30am – 12.45pm

John Clapton and Bernie McKenna will be facilitating a series of workshops as an introduction for those wanting to know more about the contemplative way of life.
The first workshop is on Lectio Divina and Journaling.
$10 per person. BYO lunch


Pentecost Retreat
Sunday 9 June 3.30pm – 7pm

There are three traditions for understanding the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. We shall explore each and consider how we realte to God the Holy Spirit in the light of these three different images or frameworks for speaking of the Holy Spirit.
This retreat will be led by John Clapton.
Fee : General $40  Companion Member $30


Quiet Day
Tuesday 11 June 9.30am

We commence with Dayspring Community Morning prayer at 9.30am in the Chapel before embarking on the day.
Materials will be provided or bring what you desire to focus upon.
We gather at 12.15pm to reflect on the morning with Eucharist at 12.30pm followed by BYO lunch. You may wish to remain until 3pm within the space of Dayspring Community.
$10 per person. BYO lunch.


Turning Aside To Look
Saturday 14 July 9.30am – 4pm

Led by Dr Michael Paterson, a priest, psychotherapist, pastoral supervisor and Director of the Institute of Pastoral Supervision and Reflective practice based in the UK.
This day will focus on the account of Moses and the burning bush – a story which keeps on giving. We will explore what it means to search for God in the messiness of human experience and how the future can radically transform the past.
Cost is $80 – Companion members $60
A full list of publications and articles can be found at www.ipsrp.org.uk

Food and Spirituality
Saturday 24 August 9.30am – 12.30pm

This workshop will give us a glimpse of the joy and connections with our individual, unique food history and culture and give us space to consider and ponder this often overlooked area of our lives.


Life Matters – A Conversation
Saturday 5 October 9.30am – 4pm

This conversation explores the emotional and spiritual dimensions of ageing and the role of spiritual care in helping the frail elderly (including those with dementia) and their families cope with end of life concerns.

Who We Are Is How We Pray
Saturday 26 October 9.30 – 12.30pm

In this time together, led by Dennis Ryle, we are open to explore the means by which we can engage with our capacity to dwell with the Holy in our everyday affairs – no matter who we are.


Please register your intention to attend. This assists with our preparation of space and resources.
Thank you.

For an overview of the year’s program please click here Program 2019

We have a Facebook Page Dayspring Community which details our events and other associated events in the metropolitan area, the Perth Hills, and our South West.

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