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The Dayspring Community exists as a place to nurture the contemplative life of all who are on a journey towards and with God.We are a community of people not bound by geography but by a commitment to develop a personal contemplative practice in everyday life, supportive of the ethos and work of Dayspring.
We see each other as Companions on that journey and welcome all who come and seek membership.

Companions of the Dayspring Community involves a commitment to exploring one’s own contemplative life in the context of this community and in the following ways:
i  Develop a personal contemplative practice in everyday life
ii  Support the ethos and work of Dayspring
iii Pray regularly for Dayspring

The Dayspring Community does not want cost to be a barrier to anyone who might otherwise become actively involved in the Community.

Companions who make a contribution of $60 annually – or more – will receive the following benefits:
i    Membership of the Association
ii   Companion-prices for all Dayspring Events
iii  Borrowing Rights in the Dayspring Library


Please be in contact with us at Dayspring for further information toward becoming a Companion.

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