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There are four ways to connect with Dayspring.  The membership year commences 1 April.

  • General Membership
    General membership includes discounted pricing for most Dayspring events and free use of the Dayspring library. Discounted prices for retreat room bookings are also available. $120 per annum.
  • Dayspring Companions Membership
    Be part of a community of people not bound by geography but by a commitment to develop a personal contemplative practice in everyday life, supportive of the ethos and work of Dayspring.

    • Dayspring Companions commit to:
      • Develop a personal contemplative practice in everyday life
      • Support the ethos and work of Dayspring
      • Pray regularly for Dayspring
      • Contribute $40 each month to Dayspring ($480 per annum)*
    • Dayspring commits to provide:
      • A Dayspring Daily Prayer book**
      • A quarterly online newsletter
      • Significant discounts to all events**
      • Many events free of charge**
      • Free use of Dayspring retreat rooms
      • Free use of the Dayspring Library
      • Out of Metro members to receive an exclusive, special mail outs
      • Website page for Dayspring Companions to access

Dayspring also offers:

  • Library Membership
    Use of the Dayspring library for a one off joining fee of $30.
    ($15 for lost or damaged books)
  • Friends of Dayspring
    People with an interest in Dayspring who would like to receive regular emails regarding events can be on our email list.

If you wish to connect with Dayspring in one of these ways, please contact the office. The office is open all day on Tuesdays.


Note* Dayspring recognises that some people may be committed to developing a personal contemplative practice; support the ethos and work of Dayspring; and pray for Dayspring, yet their individual circumstances may not allow a $40 per month contribution.  Dayspring has adopted a ‘give as you can, not as you can’t’ philosophy to take into account different circumstances, so please contact us to discuss.

Note** Dayspring Companions who contribute $40 each month will pay no fee for attending Quiet Days, On the Edge presentations or the Lent and Advent Retreats. In addition, the first Enneagram workshop scheduled for 19 August 2017 will also be offered free of charge.

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