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Finding a Spiritual Director

It is important to pray about finding a spiritual director, asking God to guide your search and to open your eyes to the possibilities available to you. Perhaps God has been guiding you to this point where you have received information about Dayspring.

Spiritual DirectorsDayspring has spiritual directors available to become companions with you on your journey. If you are interested in pursuing this course of action, please view Dayspring’s contact list for details of individual directors or contact the Dayspring office  to make an appointment.

Dayspring recognizes the value of the experience of Spiritual Direction by ensuring that all our directors are suitably formed and trained. Each director has been intentionally formed in their own inner journey. They have completed or are completing formal training in Spiritual Direction.

All Dayspring’s spiritual directors work under supervision. They meet monthly for formal supervision and in-service training.

‘Spiritual Direction means taking seriously, with disciplined attention and imagination, what others take casually. “Pray for me” is often a casual remark. The Spiritual Director gives it full attention’ (Eugene Peterson “Working the Angles”).

– Beth Roberton

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Reflections on Spiritual Direction

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