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Calendar Year 2017

  • January 2017. Topics:  A place to belong; New membership model; community events; meditation groups; a place to reflect, to challenge, to explore

Calendar Year 2016

  • March 2016. Topics: Welcome to 2016; Contemplating the mystery of Easter; Stations of the cross; Imagine for a moment that you are God; Prayers of the burning heart; 2016 program

Calendar Year 2015

  • May 2015. Topics: Journey with the Psalms; Walking the labyrinth; Ann Zurick’s spiritual enquiry workshop; Willy wagtail; Annual Chair Report; Quadratos; Invitation to imminent events; Organisational sponsorship

Calendar Year 2014

  • August 2014. Topics: Iona, A Journey into Acceptance; A retreat in San Francisco; The Community of St Francis; Thoughts on the solitude of Jamberoo; Expansion of Nathanael’s Rest Facilities.
  • April 2014. Topics: Contemplating the mystery of Easter; Invitation to Dayspring 2014; On the shoulders of giants; There for the taking; The musings of a desert monk – Voices from the cloister; In Order to be Truthful; Separation – what happened to the ties that bind? Spiritual Direction training;  Dayspring Director; SCCN Concept Plan

Calendar Year 2013

  • November 2013. Topics: The ancient tradition of pilgrimage; Camino Salvado: A pilgrimage to New Norcia; Cleansings at Wadjemup; A desert Journey to Ooldea Soak; Invitation from our librarian; A matched pair at the dayspring library; Book Review
  • August 2013. Topics: What does a moment of grace feel like; Drama on the Damascus road – collapse and grace; Called to holiness and goodness; Weep no more – Jesus’ emotional wisdom; Book review
  • May 2013.   Topics: What happens at Dayspring on Tuesdays; Walking the Camino; A new-found freedom; Who is Sarah Bachelard; Jesus asked, what do you want me to do for you; Book review
  • February 2013.  Topics:  Which half of life am I living in today;  God’s grace;  Celibacy;  What of the Church;  New Year’s resolutions;  Dayspring AGM Address;  Who touched me;  Companions on the Way;  Contemplative moments;  Experiencing God in a time of crisis

Calendar Year 2012

  • October 2012.   Topics:  Responding to the pull of social gravity;  Fragments: moments of intimacy (book review);  Lady labyrinth;  Spring at New Norcia
  • June 2012.   Topics:  Pentecost! What next’;  Making a canvas labyrinth;  Pondering the labyrinth;  Journeying (a film review)
  • May 2012.   Topics: Public Lecture; Workshop and Facilitator Training; Events
  • February 2012. Topics:  A contemplative companioning community;  The mystic way of evangelism (a book review);  Behold I do a new thing;  Meditation

Calendar Year 2011

  • October 2011.  Topics: Transitions; Journeying with Dayspring; Reflection on spring gathering; What does Dayspring mean to me?
  • June 2011.  Topics: Spring gathering with Margaret Silf; On being contemplative with a toddler; The other side of chaos
  • April 2011.  Topics:  The alluring of God; Workshop with Bruce Sanguin; Hospitality; The life of a solitary in Perth; Easter reflections
  • February 2011.  Topics: Welcome to Dayspring’s Anniversary Year; On a hill far away

Calendar Year 2010

  • November 2010.  Topics: Incarnation … ordinary or extraordinary; Silence and solitude; Dayspring, a doorway to encounter the sacred
  • September 2010.  Topics:  Dayspring as Temenos; Book review – Sir Thomas More; Home is where my heart is
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