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Epiphanies of Grace- Poems and Psalms from the Dayspring Community

A collection of material that has been contributed by people on their spiritual journey. Much of the material comes from a tradition within Dayspring Community, established by Brian Stitt in the early days of Dayspring Community, of taking notice – using all the senses to be open to how God may engage you.

Writing a Psalm or a Poem

epithaniesofgraceYou will notice as you read ‘Epiphanies of Grace’, that many of the psalms and poems cover similar topics. This is because many of them were written in the similar retreat landscape. The changing seasons, rivers, streams, the bush, wild life, the ocean and the beach all feature regularly. You can do this too. Sit in a quiet place and observe what is around you. Notice what strikes you. Sit with it. Write about it and the feelings and issues that surround the image. Sit with it. Turn it into a poem or a psalm.

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