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Lenten Twilight Retreat

Lenten Twilight Retreat thumbnail

I was able to attend the Lenten Twilight Retreat on Saturday in the cloister at All Saints Church in Henley Brook – the oldest continuing place of worship in WA.  The Twilight Retreat is part of the Dayspring ‘rhythm’.  It is one of several annual retreats that form part of the ongoing program offered by Dayspring [...]

Discovering Spiritual Direction

Discovering Spiritual Direction thumbnail

“No, I can’t see you then!” remarked my Anglican colleague, “I’m seeing my spiritual director”. “What’s more important than a planning meeting?” I mused to myself. Working in the UK and attending an Anglican parish often raised puzzling, counter-cultural values and occasions. It sounded so arcane with connotations of esoteric discussions and shadowy authority. It [...]

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