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Spiritual Direction Training

Spiritual Direction Training thumbnail

Dayspring spiritual direction training – “kindly led, gently challenged, firmly supported and encouraged” Bede Griffiths spoke of contemplation as: “Awakening to the presence of God in the human heart and in the universe which is around us… knowledge by love.” It is often difficult to define what is being done during training as a spiritual [...]

Iona Blessing

Iona Blessing thumbnail

Bless Our Choices God bless this food, Locally grown, produced in season. God bless this food, Fairly traded, Giving new chances. Bringing new life. Forgive our demands For cheap food that costs the earth, for cash crops from subsistence land, For strawberries in December (July for Oz) Forgive our ignorance Leading to hidden slaves, Dangerous [...]

Iona – A Journey Into Acceptance

Iona – A Journey Into Acceptance thumbnail

I’m three days into my journey on Iona, and yes, it is a very special place. Not so much going back in time, as away from time. You can Google it to see its spectacular beauty, but you have to be here to experience the special peace and solace which it exudes. But Iona is [...]

Voices from the Cloister

Voices from the Cloister thumbnail

Strange as it may sound, we all came to this busy place seeking silence. We had come from the ends of the known world, hungry for the “great silence’ that we had heard about. We had fled the jarring voices and materialism of our own societies. The silence we sought was not the absence of [...]

There For The Taking

There For The Taking thumbnail

A letter from the 16th Century Pontassieve, Christmas Eve Anno Domini 1513 To the most illustrious The Contessina Allagia dela Aldobrandeschi On the Via de’ Martelli, Firenze Most Noble Contessina, I salute you. Believe me your most devoted servant. The rascal, who carries this letter, if he devours them not on the way, will crave [...]

On the shoulders of giants

On the shoulders of giants thumbnail

While I was back in the UK over Christmas visiting my family in Essex I had the opportunity to visit St Peter-on-the-wall at Bradwell-on-Sea. As you can see from the photo it was actually a gorgeously sunny day (in an otherwise month of fairly solid rain which has continued ever since, poor Brits!). St Peter-on-the-wall [...]

Contemplating the Mystery of Easter

Contemplating the Mystery of Easter thumbnail

“Behold a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!” John Stainer’s 1887 oratorio, “Crucifixion”, has a bass line, “Oh t’was love, deep, divine compassion”. How do we respond to such images? “God cannot be thought, He can only be loved” is the way the unknown author of ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ begins his profound mystical [...]

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