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Lady Labyrinth

Lady Labyrinth thumbnail

Recently I was on a workshop weekend at Nathanael’s Rest, as part of my training in Spiritual Direction, and had the blessing of walking the garden labyrinth, which I have named Lady Labyrinth. It was a treat to wander among the colours and fragrances of God’s creation. Every now and then a scent would waft [...]

Two Labyrinths

Two Labyrinths thumbnail

I walked along a labyrinth. Slowly, mindfully. I walked on grass. The grass was dry under my feet, browning a little. I remembered the irrigation was broken, and noted the surrounding garden was sparse. I reflected on the dry patches of my life when inner growth was slow, and the yearning for cool springs of [...]

Jill Geoffrion

Book Review This is a gentle book full of helpful suggestions for those unsure how to use the labyrinth as a tool for spiritual growth. The author, Jill Geoffrion, has written a number of books on the labyrinth and acknowledges a long list of friends who have helped her shape the questions for the book. [...]

Unseen Connections

Unseen Connections thumbnail

Over the weekend I had the privilege of spending time with my peers who have been engaged in the Dayspring training in Spiritual Direction with me over the last 18 months. The main objective of the weekend  was to share with each other a summary of our projects. We each took a turn talking about [...]

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