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Contemplating the Mystery of Easter

Contemplating the Mystery of Easter thumbnail

“Behold a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!” John Stainer’s 1887 oratorio, “Crucifixion”, has a bass line, “Oh t’was love, deep, divine compassion”. How do we respond to such images? “God cannot be thought, He can only be loved” is the way the unknown author of ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ begins his profound mystical [...]

Lenten Twilight Retreat

Lenten Twilight Retreat thumbnail

I was able to attend the Lenten Twilight Retreat on Saturday in the cloister at All Saints Church in Henley Brook – the oldest continuing place of worship in WA.  The Twilight Retreat is part of the Dayspring ‘rhythm’.  It is one of several annual retreats that form part of the ongoing program offered by Dayspring [...]

Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies thumbnail

Amongst the tombstones of the faithful departed the fragrant lilies bloom. No green leaves enliven them but their strong stalks hold them waving in the wind. Their frail trumpet flowers blend delicate pinks with white as they cluster beneath the enormous branches of an oak. The oak spreads a majestic canopy across the faithful departed. [...]

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