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New Norcia

Camino Salvado: A pilgrimage to New Norcia

Camino Salvado: A pilgrimage to New Norcia thumbnail

The email said, “The walk to New Norcia is a tough, long walk and if by now you cannot walk 20ks on two consecutive days we suggest you pull out and register again next year.” This made me think hard, had I done enough training? I had built up my strength and had walked 12 [...]

The Oblate Life

The Oblate Life thumbnail

Book Review “What’s dad reading?  It looks weird – something to do with oblates. Is he is reading about the occult?” No, but I am reading something from the Dayspring library again, and I’d better start by telling you what an oblate is, or you might be like my children and think it is something [...]

Home is Where My Heart Is!

Home is Where My Heart Is! thumbnail

Recently I visited an inner city space, used as a gallery to show case the photographic work of eight young people. The young people had been or still were currently homeless.  The accompanying text read: ‘the images contained within this collection represent the many and varied conceptions of home. Common to each of these photos [...]

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