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New Norcia

Camino Salvado: A pilgrimage to New Norcia

Camino Salvado: A pilgrimage to New Norcia thumbnail

The email said, "The walk to New Norcia is a tough, long walk and if by now you cannot walk 20ks on two consecutive days we suggest you pull out and register again next year." This made me think hard, had I done enough training? I had built up my strength and had walked 12 [...]

The Oblate Life

The Oblate Life thumbnail

“What’s dad reading?  It looks weird – something to do with oblates. Is he is reading about the occult?” No, but I am reading something from the Dayspring library again, and I’d better start by telling you what an oblate is, or you might be like my children and think it is something weird too! [...]

Home is Where My Heart Is!

Home is Where My Heart Is! thumbnail

Recently I visited an inner city space, used as a gallery to show case the photographic work of eight young people. The young people had been or still were currently homeless.  The accompanying text read: 'the images contained within this collection represent the many and varied conceptions of home. Common to each of these photos [...]

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