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Expressions of Interest – Dayspring Director thumbnail

Now in its fourteenth year of operation, the Dayspring Centre for Christian Spirituality and Counselling Inc. has established itself in the Perth environment and nationally for its promotion of spiritual direction, contemplative practice and the exploration of contemporary issues on the edges of these domains. Guided by its dedicated Committee of vibrant members, Dayspring now [...]

Journeying with Dayspring

Journeying with Dayspring thumbnail

My experience of doing the Dayspring training in Spiritual Direction When initially I read an outline of the Dayspring Course in Spiritual Direction, I found it to be a clearly worded document, interesting, informative, inviting, and I thought that the course seemed likely to meet my need to know how to mentor more efficiently! Also, [...]

The Oblate Life

The Oblate Life thumbnail

Book Review “What’s dad reading?  It looks weird – something to do with oblates. Is he is reading about the occult?” No, but I am reading something from the Dayspring library again, and I’d better start by telling you what an oblate is, or you might be like my children and think it is something [...]

Lenten Twilight Retreat

Lenten Twilight Retreat thumbnail

I was able to attend the Lenten Twilight Retreat on Saturday in the cloister at All Saints Church in Henley Brook – the oldest continuing place of worship in WA.  The Twilight Retreat is part of the Dayspring ‘rhythm’.  It is one of several annual retreats that form part of the ongoing program offered by Dayspring [...]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cultivating Compassion for Men thumbnail

In September 2012 Noel Giblett led a Workshop entitled The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cultivating Compassion for Men. Using poetry, songs and reflective questions Noel led us on a journey of understanding with wisdom and gentle facilitation. Noel introduced us to his framework for working with men (understanding the unique story and features [...]

Hospitality – the Heart of Spiritual Direction thumbnail

Today at Dayspring, I was welcomed, gathered, drawn in, nurtured and taught. From any perspective, a pretty singular experience. What made this open retreat workshop with Jane Vennard such a gracious experience for me was its focus, its seamless mix of tender exploration and shaped reflection and its opportunities to speak again with valued colleagues [...]

A Spiritual Coffee Break

A Spiritual Coffee Break thumbnail

My second office is a coffee shop! I love to drink coffee and chat about the things which really matter in life. It is not the coffee which really matters, but the talk about the soul and the sharing of the passion to live life truly and fully for God in this complex and often [...]

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