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spiritual direction

Spiritual Direction Training

Spiritual Direction Training thumbnail

Dayspring spiritual direction training – “kindly led, gently challenged, firmly supported and encouraged” Bede Griffiths spoke of contemplation as: “Awakening to the presence of God in the human heart and in the universe which is around us… knowledge by love.” It is often difficult to define what is being done during training as a spiritual [...]

Spiritual Direction: A Graced Invitation -17 Oct 2014 thumbnail

We are delighted to invite you to join a SD Professional Development opportunity to share a day with John Stuart. Beth Roberton had a conversation with John at the recent Australian Network of Spiritual Directors Conference in Sydney and he graciously agreed to share some of his expertise with Perth colleagues. John was National President of ANSD [...]

InterPlay – 16 May 2014

InterPlay – 16 May 2014 thumbnail

A unique opportunity is being offered to anyone interested in grounding their spirituality in a real ‘whole body’ experience.  The Interplay movement was initiated to bridge the gap between how we think about our spirituality and how we experience it. Jane Vennard notes: “Praying with body and soul leads us away from a ‘stripped-down’ spirituality [...]

Discovering Spiritual Direction

Discovering Spiritual Direction thumbnail

“No, I can’t see you then!” remarked my Anglican colleague, “I’m seeing my spiritual director”. “What’s more important than a planning meeting?” I mused to myself. Working in the UK and attending an Anglican parish often raised puzzling, counter-cultural values and occasions. It sounded so arcane with connotations of esoteric discussions and shadowy authority. It [...]

A Spiritual Coffee Break

A Spiritual Coffee Break thumbnail

My second office is a coffee shop! I love to drink coffee and chat about the things which really matter in life. It is not the coffee which really matters, but the talk about the soul and the sharing of the passion to live life truly and fully for God in this complex and often [...]

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