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spiritual journey

Journey with the Psalms

Journey with the Psalms thumbnail

In the Psalms we find a collection of prayers, which offer us a window through which to view human nature and experience, and a mirror in which we can see ourselves vividly reflected. These qualities prompted John Calvin to conclude: I have been accustomed to call this, I think not inappropriately, ‘An Anatomy of All [...]

Spiritual Enquiry Workshop – Reflection

Spiritual Enquiry Workshop – Reflection thumbnail

Dr. Ann Zubrick’s discernment approach through willingness, attentiveness, responsiveness. I was fortunate to attend this workshop run by Ann Zubrick on a long-established Quaker tradition – Spiritual Enquiry. Spiritual Enquiry is a contemplative approach to finding God’s path for our lives. We began with a quiet centering to bring us to a deeper awareness of [...]

Willy Wagtail

Willy Wagtail thumbnail

The soft sound of your feathers fluttering As you fly to and fro, to and fro. The doors stand wide open The windows blinded But yet you remain trapped. You fly too high You just need to drop down. Drop down. Then you will see your way out You’ll feel the breeze You’ll see the [...]

Spiritual Enquiry – 18 April 2015

Spiritual Enquiry – 18 April 2015 thumbnail

The Spiritual Enquiry workshop with Ann Zubrik will offer a reflective time to explore together personal experiences of leadings of the Spirit and processes of discernment. Ann Zubrik says: “At some times I have felt very definitely the guiding hand of God, steering my life in certain directions and this is a very wonderful and [...]

Journeying with Dayspring

Journeying with Dayspring thumbnail

My experience of doing the Dayspring training in Spiritual Direction When initially I read an outline of the Dayspring Course in Spiritual Direction, I found it to be a clearly worded document, interesting, informative, inviting, and I thought that the course seemed likely to meet my need to know how to mentor more efficiently! Also, [...]

Discovering Spiritual Direction

Discovering Spiritual Direction thumbnail

“No, I can’t see you then!” remarked my Anglican colleague, “I’m seeing my spiritual director”. “What’s more important than a planning meeting?” I mused to myself. Working in the UK and attending an Anglican parish often raised puzzling, counter-cultural values and occasions. It sounded so arcane with connotations of esoteric discussions and shadowy authority. It [...]

A Spiritual Coffee Break

A Spiritual Coffee Break thumbnail

My second office is a coffee shop! I love to drink coffee and chat about the things which really matter in life. It is not the coffee which really matters, but the talk about the soul and the sharing of the passion to live life truly and fully for God in this complex and often [...]

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