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History of Dayspring

Dayspring grew out of the ministry of Brian and Patricia Stitt, specifically the Thursday night Meditation Community held at Dianella Church of Christ , the Spirituality for Ministry program that used the Wollaston facilities and the Stitt’s conduct of teaching and spiritual direction from their own home and by invitation in many forums in Perth. At the time that Dianella Church was planning renovation and extension of its facilities (1998-99), the idea arose of the Dianella Church formally sponsoring this spirituality ministry and including purpose-built facilities as part of the building process.

Brian StittDayspring (as it came to be called) was formally constituted and incorporated in 2000 with the first AGM in 2001. Brian Stitt was the founding Director. It was intended from the beginning that Dayspring would draw on and serve people from all churches, and hence present as ecumenical in intent and flavour. For this reason the Committee of Management (now referred to as the Guiding Committee) draws on members of other Christian faith communities while members of the Dayspring Association and participants come from an even wider range of backgrounds.

In 2004 Brian Stitt retired as Director and Dayspring made a successful transition from the Founding Director to Brian Holliday taking the Director position. Dayspring continued to attract a wide range of talented presenters, staff and Guiding Committee members. Both its reputation and what it has to offer has spread and in this sense it came of age.

Beth Roberton became Director in 2011 when Dayspring celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a number of events and publications.

Currently Dayspring operates without a Director and with volunteer labour.

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