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About Dayspring

Dayspring is an open community offering a safe and sacred space for nurturing the journey towards wholeness in God. The Dayspring community seeks to support people who wish to learn about and practice Christian contemplative spirituality.

Dayspring facilitates a quiet place for deepening personal spirituality and inner healing. Dayspring’s holistic approach to Spirituality involves Mind, Body and Spirit to enhance a deeper understanding of Self and God. Methods include contemplation, journaling, and balancing the multiple demands of our involved lives. Central within all these methods is the process of becoming more fully aware of ourselves, others and our worlds.

Dayspring addresses the spiritual and personal needs of people hungering for something deeper in their spiritual experience, and those seeking training in the methods that facilitate this deepening.

Dayspring CentreDayspring is located at Dianella Church of Christ in Perth, Western Australia and is an ecumenical community.

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