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Guiding Committee

2017 Committee

Dayspring Community has a Guiding Committee (Board) who meet regularly to set the direction for the organisation and support the running of events. The members are elected at the AGM, held on March each year. A full record of minutes are available in the Dayspring Community library. Here are the current Guiding Committee members and their roles:


Abigail Lewis (Chair) has been involved on the Guiding Committee (GC) in one role or another since the inaugural AGM in 2001 (and was on the Steering Committee for two years prior to that as Dayspring was born!). She has been Secretary for 7 years (2001-2007) and also Chair for 8 years (2008-2009, 2011-2012, 2014-2017). She is currently the Chair but will be handing this role over at the 2018 AGM.




John Clapton (Treasurer) is well known to Dayspring Community and to many in Anglican circles. He and his wife, Eira, are very involved in Refugee work with Carad. John is our new Treasurer elected to the GC in 2017 (photo to follow).

Sandy 2014

Sandy Clifton (Secretary) was elected to the GC in 2006 and has served as secretary from 2007. She also of course has been Dayspring Community’s Administrator (2013-2015) and has been the Events Manager since 2015.


Patricia Stitt was elected to the GC at the first AGM in 2001 and has been continually on the GC ever since, 16 years service! Brian and Patricia Stitt’s ministry was the foundation for Dayspring Community and both Brian and Patricia continue to be involved in the work of Dayspring Community .

Paul and Lyn Cannon are from Bunbury and have been with Dayspring Community for many years. Paul has a Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction from Dayspring Community and is an Anglican Priest. Lyn is a counsellor. Both were elected to the Guiding Committee in 2017 and are establishing the work of Dayspring Community in the South West of WA.

Isobelle Shortreed was also elected in 2017 and has also been involved in Dayspring Community for many years. She has recently retired from ministry.


Jenelle Pike who was our office secretary for two years tells us that she grew up with Dayspring Community – her parents are Brian and Glenis Holliday. Jenelle is the creative talent behind our beautiful program this year. She was elected in 2017.

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