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The Uncharted Journey

Dayspring ChapelSince the 1990s, an upsurge in interest in spirituality has been evident in the increasing variety of organisations and communities which have begun to emerge in Western societies. This is true both within and without the Christian Church. Dayspring Community is one of the emerging, church-related communities which are seeking to explore, define and grow a contemporary, ‘Christ-centred’ spirituality through rereading, reinterpreting and reforming the mystical traditions of the Christian Church. The process of rereading, reinterpreting and reforming constantly occurs, or why would we be endlessly producing and reading so many books?

At its heart, the Christian mystical tradition is about discipleship that is continually living, practicing and enjoying the presence of Christ. It is about dying to self and being alive to God. It is learning to live with our humanness, frailty and sinfulness as well as with the awesome, mysterious, indwelling life of the triune God. In the evangelical tradition the practice and teaching of the mystical tradition has been rejected and lost because of an emphasis on an intellectual and cognitive grasp of the faith. This has paralleled the rise of universal education in the West, which has also emphasised the intellectual and the cognitive. To re-explore the mystical tradition of the discipleship of the heart, in the context of the evangelical tradition of the discipleship of the mind, is to move into exciting, fulfilling, but uncharted territory.

Communion at Dayspring ChapelThis is the territory that Dayspring Community finds itself in. Our community is non-residential, diverse, ecumenical, and committed to personal journey with God. We seek to network with other communities who share similar journeys, and we accompany one another in a variety of ways. Accompaniment is very important to us. If you have had a yearning, wishfulness, or inquisitiveness to join us at some point on our journey, then we invite you to contact us. Uncharted territory, community, accompaniment in diverse ways, and learning to live from the heart a Christ-focused life in the twenty-first century – what great place to be!

– Brian Holliday

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