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Dayspring is an open community offering a safe and sacred space for nurturing the journey towards wholeness in God. Dayspring seeks to support people who wish to learn about and practice Christian contemplative spirituality.

  • Events
    Spiritual journey retreats and workshops, Christian meditation and Quiet days
  • Professional Services
    Spiritual direction, professional development and supervision for spiritual directors and links to trained counsellors. Dayspring also facilitates training in Spiritual Direction through our nationally accredited Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction.


Recent Posts

Quiet Day Reflections thumbnail

Quiet Day Reflections

Today’s readings are about living for God in the ordinariness of life. Living right for God is what we do, and is nothing to crow about! Psalm 37 is about trusting God and holding to the right way in the ordinariness of life. Those who bend the rules, getting ahead in life by creating havoc [...]

Spiritual Direction Training thumbnail

Spiritual Direction Training

Dayspring spiritual direction training – “kindly led, gently challenged, firmly supported and encouraged” Bede Griffiths spoke of contemplation as: “Awakening to the presence of God in the human heart and in the universe which is around us... knowledge by love.” It is often difficult to define what is being done during training as a spiritual [...]

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