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Dayspring is an open community offering a safe and sacred space for nurturing the journey towards wholeness in God. Dayspring seeks to support people who wish to learn about and practice Christian contemplative spirituality.

  • Events
    Spiritual journey retreats and workshops, Christian meditation and Quiet days
  • Professional Services
    Spiritual direction, professional development and supervision for spiritual directors and links to trained counsellors. Dayspring also facilitates training in Spiritual Direction.


Recent Posts

Welcome to 2018 thumbnail

Welcome to 2018

The Dayspring program for 2018 has been finalised, providing an overview of activities scheduled for the coming year.  Dayspring offers a range of ways to support people's personal journey with God: a place to belong a place to listen to God a place to reflect a place to challenge a place to explore If you [...]

Reflection on Advent 2017 thumbnail

Reflection on Advent 2017

I love Advent, and the Advent Retreat at Dayspring is always a blessing. But this year it was really remarkable. Clare Menck brought us the story using Godly play, and while children of all ages love Godly play, those of us who joined Clare at Nathanael’s Rest discovered that it is just as powerful for [...]

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